iknight codes
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000-000-000 000-000-000
Learn How to Play iKnight
iknight codes

iKnight Codes


The Number 1 place to increase the size of your iKnight friend list!

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iKnight Codes

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What is iKnight?

iKnight is...or should be...the top game on iTunes! It's like a drug. Once you start, you don't put it down. The best thing about it, iKnight makes it easy to find and add friends. From the GPS search to dozens of websites such as this, this game is poised to become even greater! As of right now, you can fight, buy properties, weapons and build mobs.

The only word of advice, if you don't know yet, you'll lose hours with your life.

Why enter iKnight Codes here?

It is so easy to enter your code on a computer.

It offers a convenient way to enter iKnight codes to your iPhone or iTouch

How often can I submit my iKnight Code?

You can submit your iKnight codes as often as you wish.
This site will only show each friend code once.

It will only show the imob friend code most recently entered!

Learn How to Play iKnight

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